Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year  

How was your night? Hope it was rad. Mine was amazing.

Superhero costume party in which majority of the people were not superheroes. instead, random cartoon heroes and famous protagonists...from Lara Craft to Princess Amidala to raver boy? Spent some quality time with polaroids. Polas are always a crowd pleaser. I love the way they develop themselves, and so does everyone else. Everyone gathers around to experience a chemical reaction which records a moment....its beautiful *tear*

Danced the night away with Ilford Delta 3200, so, im very excited to see how those frames turned out. fast film is friendly and so is the fancy footwork.

Enjoyed a sunrise amongst friends, laying in circular formation, on a trampoline gazing at the sky in conversation. It was perfect.
Hope you had a great 31 December. Happy New year!


  1. oh i love these polaroids!!

    although the new year brings amazing and exciting things, it also brings the END (of the) POLAROIDS :(

    *dun dun dum*

    and oh, i remember once i was gazing up into the sky in conversation, and a shooting star went past. it was like MAGIC. haha,

    but glad you had fun!

    aimeeeeeeee xx