Tuesday, December 23, 2008

weather is weird  

Something along the lines of, super sunny, rainy, overcast, windy. And that is all in one week, I wonder tomorrow holds.

Have a wonderful christmas and happy holidays.


  1. hey ash, merry christmas, lots of love!
    and i just realised, when we rock up to sundance we're going to do so in skinny jeans, alright?? haha =)

  2. Aimee!! heheh. *nods* Skinny jeans and plaid shirts.

    happy christmas. Let me know what gifts you got ok. hope your day was super rad.

  3. i got no gifts this year, our family just decided we can all get whatever we want ourselves. haha, just for this year though.

    it was kind of weird, but at the same time no different to any other christmas - other than the fact that i cooked.

    and i'm not a good cook! this is what happened at the dinner table (in the end i managed to make a roast chicken salad with salsa, a caulifower dish, baked poatatoes and corn, prawn and watermelon entre, more prawns, some random other stuff, generally my mum cooks turkey but seeing as i was cooking, i'm not very good, anyway it was to feed a family of 4)

    okay, so, at the dinner table, my brother comments on every dish as he eats it, he's 11 so he doesnt realise how honest he is:

    prawn and watermelon: "when my lips touch the water melon it really hurts, but then you taste it and its okay"

    potato: "everyone be careful these potatoes have really sharp edges and cut the inside of your mouth, be careful."

    corn: "aimee, this looks like plastic, how long did you bake it for?"

    roast chicken: "this is nice"

    cauliflower: *he didn't have ANY haha*

    haha, i'm going on and on and on and on, my day was super rad though. then i went out today for the sales and bought a jacket, biker style lol (even though it's summer!!!) and some polaroids.


  4. hahahahah!! oh, and...
    I meant you should tell me how our day was via email ^_^

    ...give me a, second tell you in a bit.

  5. ash i think it's been more than a second...