Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the City vs Captivity  

I think (and feel) that if you enjoy photography, you automatically love the city more. This assumption excludes landscape and macro photographers though. But yes, the city holds a greater chance of "something happening". And if something supernaturally amazing doesn't happen, you're bound to observe someone doing something that makes you smile.

Like an in-love couple at a coffee shop, a bunch of super excited girls in a thrift store or a 70 year old walking a dog.

Anyway, I recently spent some time in the forest. It was great , but, it lacked something.
Connection and conversation may be. I did enjoy the trip though, but returning home and seeing people that i've never heard of before made me glad to to be human amongst humans. I don't think I would ever live somewhere completely isolated from people, because, what is the point of freedom if you are eternally free.

Ben Gibbard says it best..."it isnt a party if it happens every night"

the top 3 is of Aneesah (my fwends wife) @ their new place
and the rest is of the forest (in case you were wondering)

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