Monday, December 22, 2008

Ocean and the Summer Sun  

What a day, yesterday that is. OK, the day before yesterday. We head out to the beach (Muzinberg), early, in a somewhat cramped vehicle, not filled with people but with surfboards instead. I was well surprised. The weather was great, perfect, somewhere along 23c. And with a plethora of surfers filling the ocean, the sea was glowing.

Now. I have never surfed in my life, in fact, I have never touched a board whilst being in the ocean before. That said, one of my friends asked me if I'd like to give it a shot. Like yeah. After about 20 minutes of just trying to lay on the freckin' thing, one eventually finds their balance. Ev
entually, I catch a wave (lying, tummy first on the board of course) and it was amazing. I had the dumbest smile on my face once the wave was over. Seriously, that 7 year old "I have ice-cream and it has a chocolate flake in it smile". I just couldn't believe how amazing it was, I was overwhelmed, still overwhelmed.

My muscles still hurt today - a reminder of two things:
1) my amazing day at the beach 2) im unfi
Anyway, I Will never forget that day. I am now in love the ocean and I cant wait to go again. Hopefully mext time I'll get to stand.


oh, and these photographs weren't take
n yesterday (and they were taken at Landando), but, they relate to similar content. The downfall of shooting film, you have to wait.....but I don't mind (who does). If you dont understand, lets see, how else can explain it. mmmmmmmmmm....."shooting film is like falling in love". (once taken, you wait, hope, assume, forget - and once received, you remember, learn, accept, enjoy and you're quite happy with what you have as it cannot be changed nor can it ever re-occur, even if its not what you envisioned )

"shooting film is like falling in love" - that was cheesy wasn't it?

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