Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obs Fest 08'

As expected, This years Obz fest was amazing (except for a few mishaps)."Rawkus", is the word I suppose, although, this year a lot more time was spent indoors.

Friday night was amazing due to Fletcher, the Rudimentals and 340ml, but, Saturday was more interesting due to the people. I met interesting, random, beautiful people from the point we landed in obz . Places like the little house around the corner , Armchair Theatre toilets, it the corridors upstairs at the Fig office and most definitely the street and areas containing grass to sit on..

The day was amazing, and i'm glad you could be par
t of it. You're not a stranger after all, perhaps just a little bit strange instead.



  1. these are awesome!

  2. love the ones of the girls in the bathroom

  3. fan-freakin-tastic dude! ur work is legendary!

  4. these are so amazing, keep going!!! (with this blog and all) xx

  5. Thank you Shaki!!!! <3
    and Aimee <3

    and u anonymous! yes you.

  6. those girls have really cool tattoos!! love the bokeh :)

  7. hey!
    many thanks for the nice comment and the link to my blog:)
    i'm curious,how did you find me?
    i'll be looking for new posts here)
    take care

  8. hey Zahra! yes yes, thats Amy in the mirror. Very random day, she was a lot of fun (wonders if she even remembers that I photographed her)

  9. Hey, found this link on DeviantArt, I'm Lordfruitecake :)

    Awsome photography, man!