Thursday, May 3, 2012

A trip through Cecilia

A very pleasant trip through Cecilia forest. I really wished I photographed more though, as a lot happened in a very short space of time....but, I decided to be part of the full experience instead. Sure, making or not making a photograph won't really influence the motion of the day, but it changes the way one experiences it. This way, I get to think about the present,  and what it's like to be a forester, instead of crap like composition, timing and exposure.

None the less, a unique day. Objectively ordinary. Subjectively spectacular.

Zayaan playing asleep
Girl in station wagon
Looking incredibly comfortable before leaving Muzinberg
Bath robes in forest
At our destination
Nabeel,, acknowledging how amazing the forest is. Which it is!

A little chilly
Nice hand
Whipping out the photographic cliche's
It's hard to explain, but this forest is incredibly animated. Everything just comes to life.

A log to sit on, bunny slippers & All Sorts licorice. In other words...happiness.

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