Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Earth Farm

I had the privilege of spending a wonderful weekend away at a beautiful farm (My Earth Farm) with friends. It was a much needed release from technology (mainly cellphones and the internet). Apart from the freshest of airs, when you're away from the city, one of the most beautiful things you immediately notice are the stars. Just wow! No light pollution, so you can see the galaxy in all its glory. Truly fascinating and a wonderful reminder of how little we are. 

Although incredibly relaxing and beautiful, I just can't imagine living like this though. Away from information, iPads, people & petrol prices. Hmmm Suburbia.

Unless of course there was a forest nearby with deers in it that needed looking after. That I could do. Enjoy!

A view of home...Of which many hours was spent on this grass. A life of leisure indeed.
Yazeed and Zubeida
The perfect house will have no doors. Only windows that you can climb through.

In the day, this place really makes everyone chilled.

Again, many hours were spent on the grass.


Yazeed, looking like he is about to scold at someone about something.
Zubeida & Aneeka.

Our awesome kitchen. You cant see it, but below that table was like 30 cans of tuna. Looks like Yusrie (Or Aneeqah) stealing a kiss.

Mo being serious. Rifqah being in the window & Gafsa being under exposed.

Naasif playing guitar. Taariq looking exhausted from doing nothing.
Everyone is in the bathroom.
Earlier that day, Yazeed sprained his ankle...in slow motion.

Mushtaaq and Gafsa.

A friend in need is a friend in deed...

An impatient Tasneem

Zuby breaking it down.

The most disappointing part of the holiday. What we though out was the original "Annie", turned out to be the sequel. Devastating!
"International sign of marriage"

Almost everyone. And good luck to Lenny & Zuby in Pretoria. e n d

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  1. This place looks amazing!!!!

    Just like the people!