Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rezonance 2012

Rezonance 2012. New years eve party in Cape Town. Awesome event. I really wished I photographed more though, but it's impossible to be part of an experience as well as document it. 

Aya and Zaza out from the heat.

20 000 People...supposively

View from our tent

Nice tent spot. Pity it's about a Kilometer away from the main stage.

This lake was amazing.

Everyone is thin at trance parties

The last time we saw Zaza. She is now known as "the fader"

View of the main stage

People stomping everywhere


People packing up and getting ready to leave

Beautiful tattoo

Im always suprised seeing kids at these parties. Suprised, but never disappointing.

Happy to be photographed

Damn right!

They clearly didn't follow the no glass rule. But thats OK :)

Bokomo for the win

e n d

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  1. Wish I was there! (Unless there was lots of trip hop then...)