Thursday, January 12, 2012

Niewoudtville & the Cederberg Mountains

A truly amazing trip started here.

We travel on the west coast to Niewoudtville
Our home
6AM. Our first morning. Nasif trying to get the microwave to work.
Now trying to get the satellite to work.
Aneeqah, ready for our early morning run.

Aanya. Not at all a morning person.

Lots of greenery, with a touch of pink.

This is actually one of the most mature girls I know.
Our first breakfast. To say the least, it was absolutely brilliant.
Wanita. New day siesta.
Playing Asshole.

Self portrait.
Father and daughter

New day. Going to Cederberg
Mother and daughter with beautiful smiles.

Stadsaal caves. Wanita explaining stuff. Note the bushman paintings in the background.

The best type of group photo is an awkward one.

One of my favourite photographs.

Our ride.
We move a little further into the mountain.
An upset Aanya.

"Rehabilitation in progress"
The main entrance. These caves are amazing.

We had a really, really good lunch here.
Little people
No one in site for kilometres.

Not at all impressed with the bathrooms.
We head off, back towards Cape Town city

Art needs no explanation
Quick stop for some water


Only the best biscuits will do.
Table Mountain in the distance. e n d


  1. Absolutely beautiful pics of an awesome weekend together ! . . . Nasif (Coach)

    1. Thanks buddy. and yes, amazing weekend.

  2. Nice collection dude, some WINNERS there, Good to see you still snapping away! - Lebeaux