Monday, July 12, 2010

That World Cup Road Trip

So i've spent time with friends traveling South Africa all for love of football. Excellent. Having the World Cup in your home country is absolutely amazing. From Cape Town, travelled to Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Pretoria & Polokwane. Even if you didnt go to the stadiums, the actual vibe of people was pure bliss. 2 Reason why:

1) A common Goal
2) Nobody gave a fuck

All film

Lenny boi. In Cape Town, opening Game, just before heading towards the waterfront.

Appartment in Port Elizabeth. Night before the game. Mo taking it EASY.

Zuby. Port Elizebeth

The Germans. Germany VS Serbia.

the Nelson Mandela Stadium in PE.

After the game. People galore.

On route from PE to Pretoria we stopped off at Colesberg. Coldest place in Africa I think.
Negative 7 degrees this night and no water. So cold the pipes froze. Definitely the most
memorable night of my trip...also the longest. This is Zuby and she is cold.

Next morning in Colesberg. Mo playing with Sanchez. I like the yellow poll here.

In Pretoria. Easy living from here on out as we had a wonderful place to stay.

Small Lenny.

Charles AKA Professor AKA Jizzer hiding from the camera.

Lazyness. Sanchez playing sweet tunes.

@ Centurian Johannesburg. The Drive in.

Zuby and Lenny Silhouetted against the massive white sheet at the Drive In.

I dont remember this.

Johannesburg Fan Park. Bafana VS France



in Polowkane. The Peter Mokaba Stadium.

Paraguay vs New Zealand. Fans

A Parguay fan does an interview outside.

6AM towards Cape Town

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  1. oh ash that looks sooo cool and fun haha.
    maybe i'll see you in brazil. :P

  2. Aimee, it was brilliant. World Cup Brazil is mighty far away (Literally & figuratively), but what the hell. See you then ;)