Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dinner with Eddy, Ricky, Yuss, Lennox and Zuby
Feed me, then i'll take photographs.
Im a cheap date (sometimes)

all the B/W's are taken with kodak BW400CM
the Colour is digial (400D)


  1. HAHAHA. the one of ricky & friend with the silly faces in the window made me smile! i also like the microwave one!

    oh and tell ricky she's looking FIIYYYNNNUH. =) if i liked girls... haha!

    ps. is that white guy her man? if so.. he's not bad either. but NOTHING compared to you, my dearest bear. don't worry.

  2. hahahah. You can tell Ricky she's fine yourself!

    but naaaa. Eddy is not Rickys man. Just a friend. and he is a good looking lad. Even I know that. its ok. You can say it. :)