Sunday, July 19, 2009

What is love without romance?

So I approach the young lady with the T-shirt that says, "I still believe in love". And I tell her..."it is easy
to believe in love because we directly link it to passion and happiness". She smirks. I smile. I then proceed to ask, "What about romance?"....She smiles and says that that would be nice. She never understood the question it seems.

Because if romance is meant to be nice.....
-- well, that's not very exciting now is it.


So the only people who buy records are "douches" (so I am told).
12" vinyl art is a lot prettier than your 120X120 pixel image.
in fact, its prettier than your face as well.

You really were an idiot to say something so stupid.

-- Lower Main Road, Observatory


  1. thanks for the compliments GEN!! loving colour film toooo lately.

  2. thanks for the comment! i don't have a deviantart account (that i use)

    interesting photos!! i love that last one :)